Dear Hillside Family, 


Since returning home from my trip out west to BC, I’ve been hearing tons of thrilling reports all week about Homecoming Sunday. What an exciting and momentous launch to the fall on pretty much every front. Praise God!


A big shout out to all the internationals who were such a wonderful inspiration by participating on this special day. From their traditional clothing, food samples, table displays, and Scripture readings to their friendly smiles they were a blessing to everyone. Our church is significantly enriched by the growing diversity among us.


Friends, be sure to join us this Sunday for week 2 in the Transformed series. More inspiring worship and transformational teaching awaits you. You don’t want to miss it. I believe that no one will leave this service without being deeply touched by God. And the same for our Sunday morning programs for your children… BTW: did you know that we had 221 children in our Sunday programs last week from Birth to 18 years? That’s amazing! And that our overall church attendance (768) was larger than any Sunday last fall. That’s even more amazing… God is working!!!


In closing, a word to parents… I hope you know that great things are happening this fall every Sunday morning in Waumba Land, KidZone, and the Vibe so don’t forget to get your kids there. When parents partner with the church it can make a lasting difference in the next generation.




Pastor Jerry


PS Men, don’t forget… Our fall main event is tonight at 6pm. Its going to be a night of encouragement and inspiration. We’re expecting over 100 guys once again. Can’t wait. No man left behind!