Hey Hillsiders, 

We had another fantastic Sunday last week. The place was buzzing with enriching worship, Remembrance Day reflections, and an incredible message by Sid Koop. We had overflow crowds at both services and it turned out to be our largest Sunday of the fall (imagine that!). We thank God for His continued favor on our ministry.

 By the way, if you missed Sid Koop’s message be sure to check it out here.

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 Though his message wasn’t part of the Transformed series, it was very transformational. In fact, here are a few quotable quotes I wrote down from Sid’s message. We bantered about these insights around the staff table this week.

 “Being a parent is transformational. Not so much how we change our kids; but how God uses our kids to change us”.

 A Transformational Prayer Challenge for parents, grandparents and mentors: “Lord, show me if there’s anything I’m doing that is hindering the next generation from coming to you”. (based on Jesus’ rebuke to the disciples about not hindering the children from coming to him).

 “50% of evangelical church kids spiritually disengage after college; how can we as parents (and as the church) turn this trend around?”

(note: living with integrity & humility, enjoying your kids, and entrusting them to God – ie, giving up control – can help turn this trend around)

 “Kids need the ‘experience God factor’ to solidify a faith of their own”.

(3 significant ways this happens is through camp, mission trips, and personal trials)

 “When affirming your kids, remember this: character trumps competence”. (why? because their identity through sports, academics, the arts, etc will change over time; however, their identity as a servant of Jesus Christ never changes – so be sure to affirm their true identity, their heart, their character!)

Lots to think about, eh parents, grandparents, fellow mentors?!!… I’m so thankful to be part of a church community and to work with an incredible staff team that is truly committed to building bridges (not walls) with the next generation. Let’s keep striving together as we seek to shape the hearts and minds of the next gen through a godly influence.

 Friends, this Sunday Pastor Dave brings the next installment in the Transformed series with a focus on Relational Health. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it! Think about it: our lives represent a continuous interaction with people every single day. We encounter relationships at work, school, in the community, at the hockey rink, playground, and even at church. But how healthy is your relational world? Join us Sunday to grow in this vital area and also be uplifted, encouraged, and inspired through more God exalting worship and warm fellowship with others.

 Let’s keep the momentum going… Best days ahead!


 Pastor Jerry