Dear Hillside Family,

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming… And we’re praying that it will be fantastic once again for you and your family! During these very troubling times in our world, it’s always great to be renewed and encouraged in our faith as we gather weekly in worship.

Parents, every Sunday our incredible staff and team of volunteers provide relevant learning experiences for over 200 children through our WaumbaLand, KidZone, and Vibe programs. We’re truly blessed! Thanks for continuing to partner with us in this way. These are opportunities that you don’t want your kids to miss.

In terms of what’s up this Sunday, we’ll be diving into the 6th of 7 practical topics we’ve been covering this fall in the Transformed series. Re: this week’s focus on Financial Health… Did you know that Jesus spoke more about money than He did about other important topics like prayer, heaven and hell? Yes, that’s true! And actually there’s a very practical reason why He did and you’ll discover more about that on Sunday.  In a culture that is often dominated by materialism and an insatiable desire for more, God offers a better way. It’s a path that leads to greater freedom, joy, and generosity. Now, who wouldn’t want that?!!!

Another reason to be here on Sunday is to get a sneak peak into some of our exciting plans for Christmas. As we know, Christmas is fast approaching… In fact, this morning I had a brief meeting about our Christmas float for the upcoming Santa Claus parade. It’s only 1 week away (Sat, Nov 28th) – imagine! This is just one of our many highlights for what’s going to be a transformational Christmas at Hillside. Can’t wait!

See you Sunday, 

Pastor Jerry

PS With Christmas coming, have you been thinking about taking the next step of believer’s baptism? Or finding about more about becoming an “All In” member of Hillside. If interested in either baptism or church membership, I’d love to have you join me for the “All In” classes I’ll be hosting on Thur, Dec. 10, and Sun, Dec. 13th. Just need to attend one. This class is a prerequisite for membership. Here’s the link.