Here at Hillside, we want you to receive the full impact of The Story.  Here is the full meal deal….. Appetizer – Every Sunday this Fall season September 7th – November 30th we invite you to join us either at 9AM or 11AM (identical services) for the first 13 chapters of The Story. Hear a creative, engaging, sermon every Sunday that will impact you all week long and cause you to want to read the corresponding chapter from The Story yourself. We believe the Bible can have a significant impact on us even in 2014. The Main Course – Read Scripture in a fresh new way with your Story book. They are available in our lobby every week for only $10. A beautiful hard-cover, 31 chapter book that will allow you to read God’s Story in a fresh new way. Dessert – Attending the services and reading The Story for yourself is very good, however, discussing the contents create a richness that can’t be explained unless you try it. Connecting to others to expand the sense of community is a desire within everyone. Involvement in The Story groups will provide this for you. Just like a quality dessert, you have to taste it for yourself! We offer various home groups and mid-size groups on site. There will be a group that works for your unique schedule, some are even bi-weekly!

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