Dear Hillside Family,

From all accounts, this past Sunday with the Watoto Children’s choir was an absolutely momentous start to March Break. It was our largest Sunday this year (over 900 attended) and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Though not there, I was absolutely thrilled by the many exciting reports I’ve heard from so many of you. Praise God for the hope and transformational change that radiated from the lives and voices of those amazing kids from Uganda. And big blessings to all of you who supported them through your love, hugs, encouragement, and generosity!

Friends, as we look ahead to this Sunday, this is your reminder to be sure to spring forward this weekend by moving your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night. By doing so, you won’t be late for church on Sunday. And that’s a good thing because it’s week 18 in the Believe series. Pastor Adams is geared up and will be speaking about the importance of “Offering My Time” to serve God’s purposes. What a relevant topic especially in these busy, hectic times in which we live! Instead of just wasting time, putting in time, or even killing time, we’re called to invest our time in ways that truly honour God. Psalm 90:12 captures the importance of this when it prayerfully invites God to “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. 

Speaking of investing your time… Along with our staff and board of elders, I’m really looking forward to the priority of our “All In” Annual Meeting on Thursday night, March 23rd.  If you been around Hillside for any amount of time, you know annual meetings around here are never boring nor a waste of your time.  In fact, just the opposite! Informative reports, exciting vision, engaging insights, warm community, and lots of celebration await you as we gather for this “can’t miss”, “you just got to be there” kind of night. On a personal note, I’ve been away on March Break getting recharged down in Louisville. (Did I say that I heard Kyle Idleman preach last Sunday and that Karen and I are hanging out with Bob and Judy Russell tonight or that I was out golfing in 74F weather this week?). Well, it’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder… I’m sure this is true because I’m looking forward to being back with you and sharing some fresh, compelling thoughts at our annual meeting. Can I/we count on you to attend? It would mean a lot to have a large gathering on this big night to ensure, as a high devotion church, that we’re all on the same page in this post-Grand Opening year. Here’s a link to stop and register now.

Annual Meeting

Thanks again for the continued privilege and joy of serving with you. Best days ahead!


Pastor Jerry