Dear Hillside Family,

It’s February, and we have a really big, exciting, high impact month month ahead… But it all starts with what’s happening on this Sunday.

To keep it simple, I want to mention the 4 things you need to know as we look ahead to Sunday (not including of course that’s it’s also “Super Bowl” Sunday and there’s a really big game with lots on the line on Sunday night). Ok, but let’s not get distracted – that’s what we learned last week. 🙂

Here’s the 4 things you need to know for Sunday:

#1 – It’s the last chance to bring in your food items for the Second Mile Food Bank. We’ve had a solid response to date but more canned soup, beans, and KD will help us reach the goal!

#2 – It’s decision time about purchasing your tickets for Hillside’s Got Talent. Friend, if you’ve been waiting to get your tickets for this really fun-filled evening with your church family on Feb 12th, then wait no longer! This event comes along only once every year. And, as we know, enjoying a warm sense of community with a meal and lots of laughter is part of what makes Hillside special. Our team has planned this event with you in mind and we’re hoping, if at all possible, that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to experience this memorable time with everyone.

#3 – It’s week 15 in the “Believe” series. Soul-replenishing worship, communion, and digging deeper into the topic of “Total Surrender” await you. And also a little heads up about the message… The Lord has been whispering some fresh thoughts as I prep for Sunday’s message. Can’t wait! Come expectantly as we gather in His name.

#4 – Well, instead of writing about it, I’d like to tell you about it instead. In fact, it’s so important because it deals not only with our present reality, but it also impacts our future planning. With that in mind, here’s the link to my video message. Thanks for taking the 90 seconds of your time to tune in!

Video Message

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jerry