About Us

About Us

Sonshine Kids Academy is a faith-based after school program operated by Hillside Baptist Church.  We are striving to serve the community by providing a values centered, character building program for school-aged children from Kindergarten to age 12.

Sonshine Kids Academy is an extension of our Children’s Ministry and is administered by our Director, Sara O’Blenis.  Laura Harris is responsible for daily programming.

Our vision is to spiritually enrich the lives of children and their families in Northwest Moncton by providing an outstanding after school program. Active play, daily devotions, regular service to the community and performing arts will be a focus for our programming and kids will be encouraged to participate giving them an opportunity for continuous development in an age-appropriate way!

Through these activities, we aim to provide your children with an opportunity to grow using new experiences and to develop an awareness of God’s love for them. Our rich program of activities is designed to promote the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth of children in our program.

We encourage families to get to know our staff and how our program works through ongoing parent communication through newsletters, parent information evenings, socialization with other parents of young children and through parent-staff conferenes to discuss progress or challenges being experienced by your child.  There will also be many opportunities to get involved with the academy either through volunteering on outings and special program days or by sitting on the parent committee which will meet regularly.

We look forward to getting to know you and your children!