Waumba LAND is Hillside’s Nursery for children from infants through age 5 and is available at both of our Sunday morning services.

When entering Waumba LAND, you will be greeted by someone who will assist you with the registration process and guide you to the proper area.  Children from 3-5 years will love to be engaged in this playful and stimulating area designed specifically for preschoolers.

This year Preschoolers will be participating in new and exciting lessons that correlate with Hillside’s newest study “The Story.” On Sunday mornings, children will listen to bible stories and experience lessons where they are encouraged to interact with the teacher. There will also be free play time, a snack and a craft that is related to the lesson. At the end of class each child will receive a “trading card” and a sheet with information on the lesson that day. These tools will provide great opportunities for discussion between you and your little ones on what they learned that morning.


If parents are required at any time during the service, our volunteer team will ensure that a code representing your child is shown up on the screen during the service so you will know to come to Waumba LAND.