Dear Hillside Friend,

Can you imagine that we’re down to only 2 Sundays left in our current auditorium? As a church committed to 52 fantastic Sundays, we know that every Sunday counts and that’s especially true with these final 2 Sundays. In short, you don’t want to miss this Sunday and next!

Be sure to join us this Sunday as Pastor Adams continues the “Rooted” series with an engaging message about the importance of being rooted in “Redemptive Relationships”. In writing the Book of Colossians the Apostle Paul reminded the church about the importance of building bridges with those who are far from God. After all, good news is worth sharing! Or, to put it simply, friends of Jesus want their friends to know about Jesus.

This is what Col. 4:5 envisions us to when it says, “Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity” (Col. 4:5). Thankfully, Hillside is a church with a strong invitational culture.

Our goal is to partner with you and your family as together we share the Good News with others. In fact, that’s the very reason why we expanded “making room for more”. And it’s also why we strategically provide NUMEROUS opportunities to invite friends, relatives, and colleagues. In coming weeks this includes the upcoming Alpha, Youth Alpha and Alpha Marriage Courses, the Easter Family Experience, Holy Week Services, our Grand Opening, or the Global Leadership Summit which we’ll be hosting here on Aug. 11-12th.

By the way, speaking of the Summit, it’s so exciting that we’re now able to host this world-class conference in our own building this year. Having attended the annual Global Leadership Summit pastor’s retreat with 150 Summit host pastors from around North America in recent days (and then staying a few extra days in sunny southern FL to enjoy a round of golf as well as a spring training visit where I had my first sighting of David Price in a Red Sox uniform – sorry, Jays fans!), it will be wonderful to be back with you on Sunday. I can’t wait to worship with you, share a few strategic updates, and lead us in communion. And then look forward to preaching my final message in the old auditorium the following Sunday. That thought I must say is still a bit surreal.

Friends, God is significantly blessing our ministry. Let’s not take this for granted but be sure to remain prayerfully expectant, continually grateful, and consistently faithful to our amazingly good and faithful God. It remains an absolute joy to partner with you in this transformational ministry. Best days ahead!

In Him,

Pastor Jerry

PS Are you ready for some good news? Here’s a few exciting updates to encourage you…. First, I received word via email this week additional funds have come in such that we’ve now exceeded our $15,000 goal for our special Anniversary Offering. How exciting! This will greatly help our plans as we strategically prepare for our transition with our new day starting on March 20th (Palm Sunday). Second, I’m also told that over 150 people have now signed up for our Alpha and Alpha Marriage Courses. Amazing! And finally, I’m thrilled to report that on Anniversary Sunday we had 46 people express an interest in taking a next step toward church membership in 2016. This is an unprecedented response for a single Sunday and was in addition to the hundreds of people who renewed their “All In” membership. These are all fresh glimpses of a church with a forward focus. Praise God!