Sonshine Kids Academy Volunteers


Sonshine Kids Academy volunteers are a team of dedicated adults and youth who, together in in their unique roles use their gifts to create a safe and welcoming environment for elementary age children to learn who God is and His plans for their lives! Without Sonshine Kids Academy volunteers, this afterschool program would not be a possibility.

Snack Leaders prepare and serve snack to children when they arrive afterschool while intentionally building relationships with the children they are serving. (commitment is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Grocery Leaders pick up weekly menu items and deliver them to Sonshine Kids Academy. (commitment is weekly or bi-weekly)

Homework Helpers build relationships with elementary aged children weekly while encouraging them with their daily homework assignments. (commitment is weekly)

Activity Leaders build relationships by sharing and teaching elementary aged children their hobbies and interests. (commitment is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Toy Maintenance Volunteers make Sonshine Kids Academy a clean and safe place by sorting and cleaning equipment and toys. (commitment is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Bus Maintenance Volunteers ensure that the bus is maintained and in good working order by checking fluids, tire pressure, mechanical workings etc. (commitment is weekly or bi-weekly)


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