M3 Volunteers


God’s hand is on Hillside’s ministries, as this is a growing church, in all aspects. There are many opportunities to serve just in maintaining the operations of the building and up keeping the facility landscaping.

The M3 Team volunteers are a “hands on” kind of people who love getting work done. There are multiple areas within this team where you may find that you have the gifts and skills to help out, and get involved, in one or two of the following areas:

  • M3 General Maintenance Member – These volunteers proactively work to maintain the interior and exterior of the church building (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, patching & painting, etc).
  • M3 Grounds Maintenance Member – These volunteers proactively work to ensure that the Hillside’s grounds are neat, safe, functional and attractive to the public.
  • Set Up & Tear Down Team – If you’re the type of person who can lift and carry equipment around and work efficiently, you’ll fit right into our Set Up and Tear Down team. This team helps with setting up for ministry events, and resetting the area(s).

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