Dear Friends,

The first of our 4 Candlelight services takes place tonight at 6:30pm.  Can’t wait! We had our dress rehearsal last night and I can assure you that you and whoever you invite will be deeply touched as we celebrate the Good News of Christmas in an engaging multi-sensory experience.  There will be something for everyone as we enjoy our final Christmas experience worshipping King Jesus in our current auditorium.  Then, be sure to join us for an after service party in the new auditorium.

On behalf of Karen and our family, we want to wish you and yours a truly Merry Christmas. We are truly grateful to the Lord for your friendship, love, and continued partnership once again this past year. 2015 has been an exciting ride and we believe the best days are ahead! God is working in many transformational ways in our ministry (seen again with the baptism last Sunday) and we are blessed. Let’s not take God’s favour for granted but keep honouring Him in all we do.

I hope to see you at one of our Candlelight services either tonight at 6:30pm or tomorrow on the 24th at 2:00pm, 4:00pm, or 6:30pm… Looking forward to it!


Pastor Jerry

PS It’s still not too late to give that final nudge to a friend… You’ll be glad you did. And, if you’re wondering about Sunday, Dec. 27th… It’s regular service times at 9&11am (this is true 52 weeks of the year). Pastor Adams will be closing out the year with an engaging message on our calling to be “A Multi Generational Church”.