Dear Hillside Family, 

The next few days will be hugely significant for our church and will, I believe, be transformational for scores of people in our city as we have the opportunity to share the Good News of Christmas with others. Now, how exciting is that! 

Like the shepherds who told others about Jesus at the first Christmas, we are God’s messengers today.  As I often say: “we can’t all be preachers, but we all can be reachers”. Friends, I believe one of the reasons we are a growing church is because we’re a church where friends invite their friends to church.

Realizing the power of the personal ask, I want to envision you to prayerfully leverage your influence to extend a warm invitation to your circle of influence to our upcoming services. This Sunday is a celebration of believer’s baptism and a wonderful reminder that God is still transforming lives today. It will be a Sunday filled with inspiring worship, powerful stories, and a relevant message by Pastor Dave. 

And then of course, we’re looking forward to our 4 Candlelight services next Wedn-Thurs, Dec. 23-24, where we will welcome the largest number of guests to our church at any time throughout the year. What a strategic opportunity to reach out to others – many from your office, family, or school who are open to an invitation if only you would ask.

Bear in mind that this year will be our last Christmas in our current auditorium. Our team has planned really memorable services which concludes with a Hot Chocolate social in the new auditorium. It will be a great way to close out this amazing chapter in our church’s history. You don’t want to miss it! Nor do you want to miss this unique opportunity to invite others.  In fact, to help make it easier for you to get the word out about our 4 Candlelight services we’re helping you utilize Facebook. Simply head over to our Facebook page: where you can find all of our Candlelight Services in our events. Once there, choose the service you’re going to and share it with your friends.

Do you realize that one week from today is Christmas? Imagine that! With less than 1 week to go, let’s pause, reflect, and be sure we all take time to do our part in strategically reaching out to others. In a world of fear, brokenness, and stress, the Good News of our Saviour’s birth is needed more than ever. Let’s be faithful this week through out inviting, praying, serving, and giving as we honour King Jesus. It continues to be a great joy for me to partner with you as together we seek to be a lighthouse church – a place of encouragement and hope – in the region. 

Much peace and joy, 

Pastor Jerry