Dear Hillside Friends,

With the Christmas season fast approaching (just think: 1 month from today – Dec. 27th – and Christmas will be over!), it’s always good to remember that the holidays often intensify people’s emotions. Often one’s highs get higher and one’s lows can almost be unbearable. Let’s keep this in mind as we prepare to make this Christmas count!

Have you asked the Lord to show you who are the overlooked, the forgotten, the struggling in your circles of influence that matter to Him? It’s not too soon! Likely there are people at work, across the street, in your family, and church family that you could bless in the weeks ahead.

As we think about this, I’m so grateful to be part of a church that has a vision to care. In fact, to help you, your family or your small group further, our amazing Care ministry led by Care Director, Paulette Price, has many opportunities where you can actually partner with them through our Christmas Sponsorship project. Interested? Use the link below to express your interest and you will be contacted with more details.

Christmas Sponsorship

Friends, this Sunday will be the final Sunday installment in what’s been a fantastic fall season of transformation. Our team has a relevant service planned focusing on Vocation Health. And I’ll be sharing a message entitled, “Turning Obstacles into Opportunities at Work”. What kind of obstacles do you face at work? For many, there are obstacles including everything from job dissatisfaction, low morale, relational conflict, lack of appreciation, toxic culture, feelings of insignificance, you name it. Can you relate? If so, I believe this Sunday will be transformational for you. As always, our goal is to give you something on Sunday that will make a big difference on Monday.

Well, as I write this email I’m reminded that MANY exciting things are happening at Hillside these days. There is special staging being set up this afternoon in our current auditorium in preparation for the much-anticipated kids musical that takes place next weekend (Dec. 5-6). And while that’s being done, much work is also continuing to take place on the building of our new auditorium. What exciting times! I’m so grateful to be part of a church that’s on the move. With Jesus’ arrival at Christmas, we have Good News to share. Let’s be faithful. Best days ahead!


Pastor Jerry

PS Don’t forget to look for our Christmas float at tomorrow’s Santa Claus parade. And, if you’ve never been to “Getting Started” yet, why not attend this Sunday at 9am hosted by Pastor Dave and the Getting Started team. Interested? It’s not too late! Click HERE to sign up now!