God wants His people to move mountains, win victories, overcome fear, endure trials, and change the world. Join us this summer for this team teaching series (tying in with the summer olympics) where we will explore the lives of some “heroes of the faith”. The exploits of these biblical champions are recorded in Hebrews 11, the great faith chapter of the Bible. Need a bolder, more courageous faith? Be inspired through this practical series with fresh insights about how God used ordinary and, at times, very flawed and imperfect people, to do great things when they act in faith.  

July 3 – “When God’s Promises Seem Impossible, Faith Trusts” (Abraham) Pastor Jerry

July 10 – “When People Let You Down, Faith Endures” (Joseph) Pastor Roger

July 17 – “When Sin Entangles, Faith Repents” (Samson) Pastor Dave

July 24 – “When Security Is Appealing, Faith Takes Risks” (Rahab) Pastor John Weiler

July 31- “When God Calls, Faith Answers” (Samuel) Pastor Adams

Aug. 7 – “When Life Caves In, Faith Hopes” (Elijah) Pastor Roger

Aug. 14 – “When the Road Gets Long, Faith Perseveres” (Jesus) Pastor John

Aug. 21 – Guest Speaker: Terry Smith, Executive Director, Canadian Baptist Ministries

Aug. 28 – “Believe” Pre-Launch 1 Pastor Jerry

Sept. 4 – “Believe” Pre-Launch 2 Pastor Dave

Sept. 11 – Homecoming Sunday, Launch “Believe” Church-Wide Series\

Believe is a unique spiritual growth experience for the whole church family that takes children, youth, and adults of all ages on an exciting, age-appropriate journey to think, act, and be more like Jesus.  In all, you will discover 30 Big Ideas from the Bible that transform your life. If you enjoyed The Story experience, you’re going to love “Believe”.