Discipleship Diamond

Discipleship Diamond……Reflecting Him


What is the goal?   The goal of the Discipleship Diamond is to provide a visual of your personal progress towards becoming a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  We desire that each person, regardless of the length of time they have attended church, be challenged to take steps forward in their spiritual life.  We believe our church will be healthier and more effective as we take those steps.  Acts 4:13 speaks of Peter and John reflecting Jesus to others everywhere they went.  That is a most-worthy pursuit for a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship: Why have a plan?  Physical health, if we are honest, is a daily challenge that must be constantly kept before us.  Four components of physical health are 1) to get moving through a regular activity/workout, 2) eating balanced meals, 3) adequate sleep and 4) having a support system trainer/friend/accountability.

The parallels are remarkably similar when you pursue spiritual health.  We believe Jesus Christ desires us to be His disciples (followers).  To help us in this process, the local church provides a support to anyone who desires this most-worthy pursuit of discipleship.  Four components of pursuing spiritual health that we at Hillside offer are 1) A connection to Jesus and other Christians, 2) Biblical teaching on practical & relevant spiritual growth habits, 3) Serving opportunities that get you directly involved in the vibrant life of the church and 4) A place that you can call your own as you declare I’m “All In” through local church membership.

How does this happen?  Each individual has a different pace of spiritual growth and learns differently. The Discipleship Diamond consists of classes, growth groups and personal tools that will accommodate your preference in learning styles.

Do I go around the diamond once?  When it comes to disciplines in life, wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy?  To get to an ideal fitness level once in our life and then have it last the whole way through!  Likewise, our spiritual life needs to be a daily walk with God. Each phase of life has various seasons that provide challenges, therefore becoming a disciple of Jesus is never fully accomplished or completed.  For example: going to an Alpha class as someone asking spiritual questions is going to be a different experience than for a long-time Christ follower who brings a co-worker to Alpha.

It’s a plan, not the ONLY plan.  Keep in mind that thousands of books have been written on discipleship plans.  Each has something in common…..growth requires effort and discipline on your part to walk daily with Jesus Christ.  Here at Hillside we desire to create a way that many could have a community experience by pursuing Jesus together.  Having this Discipleship Diamond model continually before us is a tangible reminder of this most-worthy pursuit!

What are the classes?  We offer four classes throughout the year at various times.  See upcoming 2014 schedule Click Here.

What are growth groups?  Growth Groups are typically 4-8 weeks where a group of people come together in community to focus on a particular study.  In many cases this will be video based accompanied by a group facilitator leading a short interactive time of reflection.  There is no long term requirement or commitment to growth groups.  This enables an individual or couple to assess their schedule and experience group life for a short period of time.

What are personal tools?  Each section of the graphic lists personal tools.  These tools are recommended books that can be a significant complement to your quiet time, challenging you with the specific aspect of discipleship you are working through.  This book list will be updated each year. Look for these books in the church upper lobby for purchase.

**New on-line option** We have purchased a church membership to www.rightnowmedia.org a media library full of the most up-to-date Bible studies and video resources.  Perhaps your schedule does not allow you to make a weekly commitment; this resource is incredible and can be used on any media device that connects to the internet.  Simply email dave@hillsidemoncton.org  and we will see that you receive the login info you need to make use of this resource.

What about small groups?  An ongoing small group is an enriching experience to those desiring to grow and form community.  If you are currently in a small group we encourage you to continue.  There will be times during significant church wide initiatives (ie. Circle Maker) when we will encourage “everyone” to be connected to a small group for a determined period of time.  Our next church wide initiative will be “The Story”.  Look for details on it coming in Summer 2014.

CONNECTThis snapshot of Hillside’s ministry is a great orientation for newcomers.  You will learn more about our exciting ministry, vision, and how to get connected. It also includes a tour of our facilities.

GROWLearn how to develop core spiritual practices so that they become habits helping you grow as a Christ follower.

SERVEGod has uniquely shaped everyone with spiritual gifts, talents, and passions to bless others.  This class is a great next step for exploring how you can serve in your sweet spot at Hillside.

ALL INThe church is Christ’s bride and He wants His followers to be “All In” participating members in the local church. If you’re interested in making Hillside your church home, this class is a requirement for membership. Topics covered are salvation, baptism, communion, plus Hillside’s vision and membership expectations.