Dear Friends,

These are incredible times in our ministry. As you know, our first service in the new auditorium is less than 6 weeks away on Palm Sunday (March 20th). This will then be followed up with a momentous Grand Opening on Easter Sunday. Think about it: what better day to welcome more people to church than the day we celebrate the greatest news ever – that Jesus is alive and that our hope is real!

I’m writing to you to ask for your help as together we prepare for the incredible opportunity of our Grand Opening.  We will never get a second chance to leverage this unique window of opportunity. Through the Imagine project we’ve stepped up with bold faith and overflowing generosity to make room for more by building a new auditorium. Now, as the day of our Grand Opening gets closer, we want to be ready to extend the warmest welcome possible as we seek in even greater ways to make Jesus’ name famous in our community.

First, I want to warmly invite you to attend our special Dessert Gathering on our 42nd Anniversary Sunday, Feb. 21st, 6pm. This will be a fun time as we fellowship together and also our team updates you on all the exciting plans as we transition into this new day. You absolutely don’t want to miss this event! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can use this link below. Doors open at 5:30pm and the Dessert Gathering is from 6:00-7:30pm. Yes, this gathering will take place in our new auditorium.

Dessert Link

The second ask is about our annual Anniversary Offering. I’m really excited to update you about the vision for this year’s Anniversary Offering. Given the uniqueness of our much-anticipated Grand Opening and the great need to fund its success, our special Anniversary Offering is being designated toward the Grand Opening.

In summary, your generous gift toward our goal of $15,000 will enable us to do 3 things that we otherwise do not have the funds for at this time:

1. Purchase furnishings for the new space for 4 year olds that we’re in the process of creating to be ready for the Grand Opening (this is essential as the Lord continues to bring more and more young families into our church);

2. Create a warmer ambiance in our expanded lobby as we welcome more people into our building every week (this will include installing a new coffee center in the lobby as well as other furnishings that would make our lobby a more welcoming space for guests and for all of us in our growing church family);

3. Invest in our special Grand Opening marketing strategy so that we can strategically invite thousands of people in our community to our church as well as to our largest Alpha initiative ever.

So, in summary, these 3 vital areas will together increase the overall impact of our Grand Opening and, in so doing, help us keep the main thing the main thing as we reach out to others. 

Can we count on you to help us make this happen? The goal is $15K and you can give your gift any Sunday in February. Simply be sure to mark your envelope “Anniversary”.  For your convenience and for those who may be away due to work or travel, you can also give your gift electronically by using the online link below and checking off the “Anniversary” option. Thanks in advance for prayerfully considering how you can help us honour Christ through a momentous Grand Opening.

Anniversary Offering

In closing, I want all of us never to forget that the Imagine Campaign is all about “making room for more”.  With this in mind, let’s remember that our Grand Opening is not the finish line. It is the start line! I can’t wait to partner with you as we launch fresh initiatives and deepen our commitment to share the Good News of Jesus with more people than ever before. Best days ahead!

In Him,

Pastor Jerry