Hey Hillside Family,

We’re grateful for many people who stepped up and expressed an interest in serving following last Sunday’s message. If you’re still feeling the nudge and trying to prayerfully discern an area that might interest you, then be sure to check out our new “Serve” section on our website. Scroll through the options and then sign up where you have some interest. Remember, we’ve been saved to serve and you’ll be blessed when you bless others.


I’m looking forward to this Sunday as we continue our fall Transformed season by welcoming the Teen Challenge Atlantic Choir Tour to our church. Our team met with the Teen Challenge leaders this week to finalize Sunday’s service and it’s going to be amazing. Friends, don’t miss this timely opportunity to not only be here but to prayerfully invite a friend, relative or neighbor. This is shaping up to be a high impact Sunday and people are going to be touched by the transformational message that will be shared. So, let’s make sure we leverage this opportunity to reach out to others especially if you know someone struggling with addiction or searching for hope.

With many newcomers to our church each week (isn’t that wonderful?!!), I want to encourage any of you who’ve never been to the “Getting Started” class with Pastor Dave to join him this Sunday, Sept. 27th, at 9am. This is a wonderful introduction to our ministry and you’ll also get a tour of our facilities. Interested? You can sign up now. It’s definitely not too late. Simply use this link.


That’s it for now.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jerry

PS Be sure to “Save the Date”… Tues, Oct 27th is Vision Night and it’s going be really special. Watch for more details.