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A Heart Like Jesus

by Max Lucado from Just Like Jesus

What if, for one day, Jesus were to become you? What if, for twenty-four hours, Jesus wakes up in your bed, walks in your shoes, lives in your house, assumes your schedule? Your boss becomes His boss, your mother becomes His mother, your pains become His pains? With one exception, nothing aboutyour life changes. Your health doesn’t change. Your circumstances don’t change. Your schedule isn’t altered. Your problems aren’t solved. Only one change occurs.

What if, for one day and one night, Jesus lives your life with His heart?

Your heart gets the day off, and your life is led by the heart of Christ. His priorities governyour actions. His passions drive your decisions. His love directs your behavior.

What would you be like? Would people notice a change? Your family – would they see some-thing new? Your coworkers – would they sensea difference? What about the less fortunate? Would you treat them the same? And your friends? Would they detect more joy? How about your enemies? Would they receive more mercy from Christ’s heart than from yours?

And you? How would you feel? What alterations would this transplant have on your stress level? Your mood swings? Your temper? Would you sleep better? Would you see sunsets differently? Death differently? Taxes differently? Any chance you’d need fewer aspirin or sedatives? How about your reaction to traffic delays? (Ouch, that touched a nerve.) Would you still dread what you are dreading? Better yet, would you still do what you are doing?

Would you still do what you had planned to do for the next twenty-four hours?

Pause and think about your schedule. Obligations. Engagements. Outings. Appointments. With Jesus taking over your heart, would anything change?

Keep working on this for a moment. Adjust the lens of your imagination until you have a clear picture of Jesus leading your life, then snap the shutter and frame the image. What you see is what God wants. He wants you tothink and act like Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

God’s plan for you is nothing short of a new heart. “You were taught to be made new in your hearts, to become a new person. That new person is made to be like God – made to be truly good and holy” (Ephesians 4:23-24).

God wants you to be just like Jesus. He wants you to have a heart like His.


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“This Sunday”

Don’t miss week 2 in the new “Shine” series. This week’s highly relevant message is entitled, “Reflect Him in the Workplace”. Be sure to join us for more inspiring worship,warm fellowship, and life-related teaching. Also, parents, be sure to bring your kids to enjoy meaningful learning opportunities with their friends at Waumba Land, KidZONE and Fuel.



There’s still 2 “Discovering Membership” classes left (this Thursday and Sunday 6:00-8:30pm). If you’d like to attend or have questions, send an email to info@hillsidemoncton.org!Plus Hillside Kids is offering a scheduled for Mar 25 @ 3:30pm. If have questions or would like more info please contact Tanya at tanya@hillsidemoncton.org.


Exciting Updates!!! God is at work… Exciting things are happening at Hillside. Over 600 worshipped with us this past Sunday and we reached our Anniversary Goal of $15,000 to “light up our property”. Thanks to all those who have given to this project. Also, over 130 people are now signed up to attend our Annual Meeting next Tues. night. And it’s still not too late to sign up. Interested? You can send an email to info@hillsidemoncton.orgor sign up on Sunday. Doors open at 6:30pm with coffee and refreshments. The meeting starts at 7pm. You won’t want to miss the exciting reports and updates on our “2020 Vision”.


Easter is coming soon!! As a church with a Premiere Family

Ministry, on Wed., April 16th, we are having a major out-reach event! Families are invited to join us for Walk WithJesus. This will be a powerfully moving, multi-sensory

experience that guides families along Jesus’ footsteps during his lastdays on earth,as we prepare for Easter! 

We are expecting lots of people from the community so to help make this event a success we are asking for your assistance. We need to borrow some items and we need some items to be donated — you will be able to sign up for any of these on Sunday in either lobby. As well, we’re looking for lots of volunteers! You can send an email to kristen@hillsidemoncton.orgor sign up on your ConnectionCard Sunday, either way you’ll be contacted with more info.


Tonight — PowerUP! (Kids 4 years old—Grade 5)

Thurs. — LIFT (Ladies Bible Study) 9:15am

Fri. — Ignition (Middle School) 7:00pm

Mon. — Monday Morning Bible Study 9:30am

Tues. — Mom2Mom (Moms of all ages & stages) 9:30am

— Annual Operations Meeting 6:30-doors open 7pm-meeting begins




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March 19, 2014

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