Dear Hillsiders,


I trust you’re enjoying this fall season. We certainly have much to be thankful to God and especially as we look back at last Sunday’s amazing Thanksgiving Service. What a blessed time!


Here’s a few of the many refreshing comments that have come my way about the service: “An absolutely wonderful, out of the park service this morning; I was moved to tears 3 times – a new record”… “The service was amazing and we came away so full. It was so refreshing and uplifting”… “What a fantastic Sunday, but so are all of our 52 fantastic Sundays”. Praise God whose presence was certainly felt throughout the service. This is yet another reason why you and your family don’t want to miss a Sunday.


Looking ahead to this Sunday, we’ll be partnering with a number of families who are dedicating themselves to be a spiritual influence in the lives of their children through a special time of dedication. This is one of the many ways we, as a church, partner with parents. We also provide thriving ministries on Sunday and throughout the week to engage the hearts and minds of the Next Gen from cradle to college and beyond.


We’ll also continue the fall Transformed series with the first of two weeks on mental health. I trust you’ve been keeping up in your readings and enjoying your Growth Group experience. After being away to attend an incredible conference (and meet best selling author Max Lucado) in southern Cal, Pastor Dave is back and ready to go with this week’s message. His focus is on the importance of managing our minds. For all of us, we’re faced with choices every single day about our thoughts. But how well do you discipline your mind to think great thoughts? And do you wisely filter your thoughts when dealing with temptation or deceptive thoughts that can lead you astray? These are some of the relevant issues that will be addressed through Pastor Dave’s message.


Hope you have a blessed weekend… And remember, even if your circumstances aren’t always good, we serve a God who is always good. So, join us on Sunday as we glorify His name together through God exalting worship.




Pastor Jerry


PS Our much anticipated Vision Night is getting closer… Only 11 days away (Tues, Oct. 27). Have you registered yet? This is shaping up to be a “can’t miss”, “you got to be there” kind of event. Just think: this will be our last Vision Night in the old auditorium and our “first prayer” in the new auditorium. Imagine! Here’s the link to sign up: click here.