This Is The “Landing Page”

You’ve made it!

Thank-you so much for joining us for our Annual Ops Meeting!

Our hope is that you are finding tonight informative and engaging. We understand this is a new way to do business meetings and it can feel daunting or overwhelming for many navigating through new technology. We want this to be a stress-free evening for everyone joining, whether you are newer to Hillside or a founding member. So, if you run into troubles, please have the freedom to sit back and listen. 

This is where you vote for the secret ballot:

Click on the button below to access the “secret ballot” to vote for the Bylaw Changes & the Board of Elders’ Nominations. You must be a church member 16 years or older to be eligible to vote.
Please Note: The ballot will not be active until the specified time in the meeting.

Thank-you for joining us tonight.