Hey Friends,

I trust you’ve been intentional this week “to think about what you’re thinking about” Remember: this was one of the practical challenges from Pastor Dave’s message last Sunday. This is a great discipline that, when done (not always easy!), results in more gratitude, more peace, and more transformation in our lives. Hope you’re finding that to be true for you!

Friends, these continue to be very momentous days in our ministry. Our staff team enjoyed a fabulous “Next 90” planning session on Wedn. This was a time to look and plan ahead over the next 90 days and beyond. We all left with a renewed sense of appreciation and anticipation for the exciting days of transformation ahead not to speak of Christmas and the Grand Opening year yet to come.

 As we enter this weekend, I want to draw your attention to 3 transformational events that are happening in the next 5 days. All 3 are very important! And yes, I hope you’re as excited about them as I am.

In short, the next 5 days are going to be unbelievably significant for our church. Why? Because we have our first ever focus on “Mental Health and The Church” this Sunday; followed by Vision Night on Tuesday and then “Glow Night: Trunk or Treat” community outreach event on Wedn. night. How’s that for some excitement?

Your partnership by attending, inviting, helping out, AND praying for these 3 events are truly appreciated. I met with our fantastic mental health panel yesterday (fellow Hillsiders Melissa Ingalls, Dr. Heidi James, and Paul Shanks) and let me just say that Sunday is going to be a transformational day for our church. It’s time for us to remove the painful stigma of mental illness as we table an honest, authentic, hope-filled conversation about it. This is a Sunday you don’t want to miss!

Re: Vision Night… It would absolutely mean so much to our staff and elders for you to attend. Remember: Vision Night only takes place once a year and it’s a strategic way to align our focus, thoughts, and efforts as a church family. This year’s Vision Night will be extra special because it’s our last one in the old auditorium and it’s also a time to experience our “first prayer” in the new auditorium. There will be exciting reports from several staff, plus inspiring testimonies, God-exalting worship led by our young adults, Imagine updates, and so much more. If you haven’t signed up, here’s the link. Doors open with refreshments at 6:30pm.

 Finally, a word about “Glow Night” on Wedn… Several times a year we as a church reach out to the children and their families in the community. We do through our Easter “Walk with Jesus” event, Vacation Bible School, and events like “Glow Night”. If you’d like to help with providing treats or using your trunk as part of this event, here’s the link.

 Gratefully Expectant Over the Next 5 Days… Can’t wait to see how God will favor our ministry!


Pastor Jerry