Dear Hillside Family,


This weekend we begin a momentous month of December with the much-anticipated showing of the children’s musical “We Three Spies”. You don’t want to miss it! As a church with a premiere family ministry in the region, we’re truly blessed to have such an energetic and talented group of more than 50 kids who will be shining for Jesus when they take the stage this weekend. Exciting!


In order to make room for more, we’ve added a 3rd service once again this year. This means that in addition to our regular Sunday services at 9 and 11am, we’ve added an extra service tomorrow night (Sat) at 6pm. So, if you’ve ever wanted to sleep in on Sunday, you can go to church tomorrow night. How neat is that! Be assured that these 3 services are identical so you won’t miss out by going to any of them.


Parents, please note that this weekend only both KidZone (K-Gr 5) and the Vibe (Gr 6-12) are cancelled so that all the kids in K-Gr 12 can freed up to enjoy the musical. Both programs will resume again the following Sunday, Dec. 13th. You should also know that Waumba Land (Birth-Age 4), however, WILL BE AVAILABLE at all 3 services this weekend.


Friends, our church is growing and as we navigate the remaining few months before our Grand Opening, here a few simple ways you can help:


  • Strive to arrive 10 minutes earlier on Sunday mornings.
  • Slide to the middle of the row so that those coming in behind you can have the end of the rows.
  • Choose to park further away, if you are physically able, this allows others to park closer to entrance.
  • Introduce yourself to someone you do not know. Friendliness is one of Hillside’s high values.


In closing, through my annual Christmas letter which was sent out in the past 48 hours, you’ve been reminded about how God has favored us with a fall season of transformation. Now, as we gear up for Christmas, it’s our prayer that this will be a transformational time in our lives, too. Let’s continue to be faithful through our inviting, giving, and serving as we close out 2015. “Thank God for this gift – too wonderful for words!” (2 Cor. 9:15)




Pastor Jerry