2020 Vision

Brief Overview of the 2020 Vision

As part of Hillside’s historic “40th Anniversary” celebrations, the church’s exciting “2020 Vision” was unveiled by Pastor     Jerry on February 16, 2014. Hillside is a church on the move with a vision for continued growth in being a relevant place effectively reaching out to children, youth, adults and families in Northwest Moncton and beyond. Committed to providing a “premiere family ministry” and meeting the needs of the next generation, Hillside envisions the continued expansion of its facilities over the next few years. This “2020 Vision” will break out into 2 phases with trigger points along the way as growth targets and funding objectives are met. Phase 1 calls for a bright, welcoming and more spacious atrium (over 3x our current lobby size) with a basement below. The basement will strategically provide additional space for our booming Next Gen programs. Phase 2 will result in a new 500+ seat multi-purpose auditorium allowing for increased seating capacity for our regular Sunday services, plus enabling us to host larger special events and seminars in the future.