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Waumba Land is our Sunday morning environment for children Birth – Age 4.

Ministering to our young families by providing love and care for these precious little ones.
Inviting and caring atmosphere where children are safe and can learn about God in creative and inspiring ways.

This Summer, we will be learning that GOD IS EVERYWHERE and that we can SHOUT praises to Him!

We will be starting with the Lil’K series “God is Everywhere”. Join in the fun as we learn about God’s promise to be with us always. We will journey with Elisha and his helper as God reveals that His mighty army is with them as they face the King’s army. We’ll discover what Moses saw in the burning bush, and learn why David was a Braveheart as he faced the giant Goliath.

Next, we will jump into the Lil’K series called “SHOUT!” We will learn that when we shout “hooray” to God, it’s called praise! We SHOUT hooray when we are happy, or when something nice happens, or when something is so exciting we can’t keep quiet about it! We praise God because He cares for us, hears us, leads us, provides for us, and rules over us.

Week 1 • Elisha opens the eyes of a servant. • 2 Kings 6:8-17
Week 2 • David faces a giant. • 1 Samuel 17
Week 3 • The burning bush. • Exodus 3
Week 4 • David hides in a cave. • 1 Samuel 22 & Psalm 57
Week 5 • God is everywhere we are. • Psalm 139
Week 6• A Baby in a Basket. • Exodus 2:1-10
Week 7• Let My People Go. • Exodus 7-11
Week 8• God Parts the Red Sea. • Exodus 14:21-29
Week 9• Manna in the Desert. • Exodus 15:22-25, 16:13-18
Week 10• The Promised Land. • Joshua 4:19-24

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