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Waumba Land is our Sunday morning environment for children Birth – Age 4.

Ministering to our young families by providing love and care for these precious little ones.
Inviting and caring atmosphere where children are safe and can learn about God in creative and inspiring ways.

This summer, we are going to be learning about how to be a GREAT friend!

In July, we will be starting the Lil’K curriculum called “I Can Share.”  We will be looking at stories from the Bible including when a little boy shared his lunch, when a widow shared all that she had, and when God showed us that he is the greatest sharer ever – He shared his only son with us!  We will see how sharing helps others and teaches us to trust God. 

We will then learn from the Lil’K curriculum called “I Can Be a Friend.”  Being friends and making friends—this is one of the most important parts of life.  Jesus is the best friend of all!  We’ll see how King David, the Good Samaritan, Job, and Peter all had special friends and how we can be a GREAT friend!

Week 1: Jesus feeds 5,000 – John 6:1-14
Week 2: Believers share with each other – Acts 4:32-37
Week 3: The widow’s coins – Mark 12:41-44
Week 4: The widow shares bread with Elijah – Kings 17:7-16
Week 5: Jesus and the woman at the well – John 4:7-26
Week 6: Jonathan and David – 1 Samuel 18-20
Week 7: The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:30-37
Week 8: Job’s Friends…NOT! – Job
Week 9: Peter’s friends pray for him – Acts 12
Week 10: Jesus heals the blind men – Matthew 20:29-34

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