Join us for this awesome family event, geared specifically for families with children age 4- grade 5. Everyone is welcome!

We’ve got great news! To accommodate busy family schedules we are offering this event 2 nights this year. Your family can choose to sign up for Tuesday, March 22nd or Wednesday, March 23rd.

At “Risen” Your family will join a tour group and travel around to 5 different multi sensory stations that depict events from Jesus last days on earth. This year we have all new experiences at the marketplace, the garden of Gethsemane, Inside a Jail, The Cross and the tomb. Your children get to participate in special activities in each station such as crafts, games, science experiments, they get to watch meaningful skits and enjoy many special surprises. This is an awesome event for families and a great way to learn and experience the Easter Story in a powerful way.