Hillside’s Mission

We are a growing, innovative church in the Greater Moncton area. Guests often comment on our family-friendly programs, cutting edge music & multimedia, and the relevant teaching.  Our mission is:

To honour God by leading people to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, our goal is to help people take their next step toward Christ.  Since 1974, we have been strategically located in Northwest Moncton and have been endeavoring to meet the spiritual needs of one of the fastest growing communities in New Brunswick in culturally relevant ways.  We strive to be a 21st century church for 21st century people!  Today we are a vibrant family of believers who love God, enjoy a strong sense of community and are committed to helping others (churched and unchurched alike) discover the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In short, we want to be the kind of church that makes Jesus smile!

Our Vision

Without vision, an organization will lack energy and focus.  This is true for a church, too.  And that’s why at Hillside we are so excited and passionate about what God in us and through us to transform lives, heal marriages, strengthen families, inspire callings and provide hope and encouragement to all who come through our doors.  We have been blessed with a wonderful past, yet we are poised for even greater days ahead!  And although we’ve built many programs and buildings along the way, our vision is about building people more than anything else. What drives all that we do is this… Our dream to be an active Acts 2 ‘lighthouse’ church with a premier family ministry in our region. 

The strategy behind this vision is our disciple making process that helps people take their next step toward Christ. To achieve this, we have a spiritual growth pathway called our Discipleship Diamond. The first step begins with our monthly “Getting Started” classes where people are introduced to a few very practical ways they can grow in the relationship with God. Ultimately, we aim to envision every Christ follower to experience a lifestyle built around the 3 C’s: celebrate, connect, and contribute.  Celebrate involves regular public and private worship; connect is about experiencing vital community through small groups, classes, and seminars; and contribute means making a difference in the church, community and world through your giving and serving.

Insight into what it means to be a committed Christ follower is provided through our Discipleship Diamond. Through these classes people are given tools and next steps to connect, grow, serve and be “All In” as they are envisioned to a life of full devotion to Jesus Christ.


Our 2020 Vision 

Hillside is a church on the move. Believing our best days are ahead, the church is strategically guided by a compelling “2020 Vision”. This vision was unveiled in 2014 and represents a strong commitment to the future. We see Hillside being a thriving, healthy church ministering to 1,000 people on Sunday morning by the year 2020. To check out our 2020 Vision, check out Pastor Jerry’s message on Feb. 15, 2014.


With a strong bias to action, the four key priorities (or “ACTS”) in our 2020 Vision are to:

  • Activate movement (seeing growing numbers of people transformed by cumulatively taking thousands of next steps through our Discipleship Diamond over the next 5 years)
  • Cultivate community (we value and don’t take for granted our warm, friendly and caring atmosphere which begins with our 52 fantastic Sundays and is supported by a continued emphasis upon growth groups, serve opportunities, and vital care ministries – it’s a great priority for us to live out God’s vision that we not just to do church, but that we seek to be the church through practical acts of generosity and kindness to others)

“Every Sunday is an adventure! I learn something new every week”

  • Target missional priorities (an increasing focus on investing in our Premiere Family Ministries from cradle to college while also strengthening our local and global partnerships with Compassion Canada, the Willow Creek Association, and Canadian Baptist Ministries)
  • Strategic Phased Expansion (our first priority is building a new 500 seat multi-purpose auditorium along with future plans for an expanded lobby and basement to accommodate our growing ministries by the year 2020)


What others are saying about Hillside

 “My children and I absolutely love coming to Hillside”.

“Hillside is aligned with my values and beliefs, and I’m excited where the church is headed”.

“I feel at home at Hillside, just like family”.

“Hillside is a picture of opportunities… not problems!” (Quote from Cally Parkinson, Co-Author of “Move” and consultant on Hillside’s “Reveal” congregational survey).