The vision for Hillside’s Living Legacy Plan is to be a force behind the future growth of our thriving ministries at Hillside.  Our goal is to encourage a culture of generosity through stewardship and legacy.  This plan was created to help facilitate this legacy.

In the past many have already sacrificed to help Hillside become the place it is today.  Vision builds churches, but a culture sustains them.  We are asking you to consider joining our legacy initiative to carry on your sacrifice and spirit for generations to come.

We are not advocating that you leave everything to this initiative but to seek God and ask him what gift you could leave in your will.  Surrender, listen and obey.

Our past is full of great stories of sacrifice. We all have a story and a legacy to leave.


We all have an opportunity to ensure Hillside’s tomorrow, today.  By leaving a gift to the legacy plan, you will be helping untold numbers of future residents, Greater Moncton and beyond, hear about the love of Jesus.  We all look for purpose in our life as we age, “will my life make a difference when I am gone?”  Many have gone before us and left a great legacy.  In 1974, members of Hillside, gave up so much so that people they didn’t even know could meet Jesus.  They trusted God would take their legacy and make a difference.  This is your opportunity to do the same.  God will honour your gift.

Like the charter members committed to Hillside before us you now have an opportunity to become a charter member of Hillside’s Living Legacy. This group who identify their intentions to join with us in this initiative by Anniversary Sunday 2019 will enjoy the next generation status of Charter Members.


It is an easy process to join us in this effort.  There are multiple ways to give your gift, starting at any age.  You don’t need to be a senior to make your commitment known.  An individual can make a commitment to a charity when they are in their 20’s and 65 years later, when they go home to be with their Lord, a significant donation will be made to their charity on their behalf as directed by a life insurance policy. Delegating a part of your legacy now will see that your gift lives on long after your life is over.

If you are interested in joining with us in this initiative and would like to have more information please contact Dale Somers, Bruce Keirstead or Bryan Taylor. They will be able to give you the steps needed so that you can be part of this exciting initiative.

We intentionally want to leave this as flexible as possible as we cannot possibly think of every scenario that could come up in the future.

The intention for the use of these resources is not to support the day to day operations of the general fund of the church.  Those expenses should continue to be supplied by members as God enables.

The intention is that these resources be used to support future growth and ministries including people, equipment and facility, to get started.  When opportunities are identified, and if they align with the overall vision and mission of the church, these resources can be used to kick-start the opportunity.  The intention is not that these resources be used to maintain these start-up ministries forever, but just long enough to allow them to be absorbed into the general operating fund of the church.  This will allow us to move quickly, with identified opportunities, without worrying about the financial impact on the general budget.  It may also be used to eliminate “lids” to ministry and facility growth during times of significant growth.

First, make the Finance Committee or its representative aware of your intention to be part of Hillside’s Living Legacy.  No monetary amounts or percentages need to be disclosed at this time as the amount is part of your estate to be settled through your executor/executrix.

Second, include one or both of the following statements in your will:

  • After all my end-of-life expenses have been settled and if sufficient funds are left I/We wish to leave an amount of $_________ to Hillside’s Living Legacy Plan.
  • After all my end-of-life expenses have been settled I/We wish to leave an amount equal to ____________% percent of my entire residual estate to Hillside’s Living Legacy Plan.

Third, have a conversation with your Executor(s)/Executrix(s) and your family members advising them of your wishes to leave a gift to Hillside’s Living Legacy Plan to avoid any potential misunderstandings when your estate is settled.

Finally, please inform the Finance Committee or it’s representative that you have completed these steps.  For those who consider the opportunity and decide to join with us in this initiative before Anniversary Sunday 2019, we will consider you to be a founding participant of Hillside’s Living Legacy Plan similar to those who envisioned joining 3 small churches to create Hillside Baptist Church.

All resource requests must come through Ministry Lead Team (MLT).  Since we are a staff lead organization and every ministry has a staff lead, we want all initial requests and ideas to be processed through the staff lead.  After the staff lead has judged the request to be beneficial and in alignment with vision of the Department and the overall vision of the ministry, they will bring the request to the entire MLT.  After considering the proposal the MLT will forward a recommendation to the Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee will then consider the request and determine whether funding is available.  If the Finance Committee determines the request can be considered, they will forward the request to the Board of Elders for final signoff.

The Board of Elders will communicate their answer to the Finance Committee who will advise the MLT of the decision.