Small groups will be an integral part of the Believe series. it will be a chance for you to connect, grow in relationships, and learn more together as you journey through the Believe series.

Currently we have 32 groups – comprising 370 adults.
Interested in being contacted about Winter 2017 groups? Click the link below!


Beginning Monday, September 11th – Each Monday from 7:00-9:00pm

The Meeting Room (Rm.108 – lower level) @ Hillside – Graeme Ching.
This is a weekly group for adults (couples or singles) who are looking to learn more about God.

Beginning Sunday, September 17th – Selected Sundays from 9:00-10:30am

The Café (lower level) @ Hillside – Malcolm & Patty Card.
If Sunday is your main available time slot, this is for you. It is perfect for shift workers as 2 chapters are covered per session. It is a perfect way to have child care covered while you attend Growth Group and then enjoy the 11am service. This is a mid-size group (15-30 people) in a spacious room with various round tables.
Session dates include: September 17, October 1, 29, November 12, 26

Beginning Sunday, September 17th – Each Sunday from 10:45am-12:15pm

The Study (lower level) @ Hillside – Debbie McPherson & Mathieu Goguen.
A perfect way to have child care covered while you enjoy the 9am service followed by a Group Life experience.

Beginning Sunday, September 17th – Selected Sundays from 5:30-7:30pm

The Family Centre (upper level) @ Hillside – Pastor Dave Steeves.
This group is open to all, but is perfect for those newer to Hillside and don’t feel comfortable being in a home setting yet. This is a mid-size group in a spacious room with various round tables. It will be a perfect opportunity to meet other Hillsiders and make connections. It is also a perfect group for shift-workers as 2 chapters are covered per session.
Session dates include: September 17, October 15, 22, 29, November 12

Beginning Monday, September 18th – Each Monday from 9:30-11:30am

The Family Centre (upper level) @ Hillside – Pastor Dave Steeves.
A great way to start your week. This is a mid-size group (approximately 40 people) who love to laugh and eat sweets before lunch! Note: No session on Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th.

Beginning Thursday, September 21st – Each Thursday 7:00pm

The Family Centre (upper level) @ Hillside – Pastor Adams Townsend
This Young Adult Bible Study is a mid-size group that will go through the Believe series with monthly worship nights.


Where can group members get Believe resources?
We have those available now at our resource centre in the Hillside lobby every Sunday. Debit and Credit is now accepted!

How many sessions for this series?
There are 10 sessions taught in a three-month period (Sept-Nov).

How often do groups meet?
Lots of flexibility based on schedules. Some groups choose weekly, other groups choose bi-weekly doing two sessions each time, still other groups just land on 5 dates during the fall based on availability and get it done.

Remind me again why Growth Groups are important?
Growth Groups exist to promote spiritual maturity (Discipleship) and personal growth through meaningful Christian relationships and the study of God’s Word (Acts 2:42-47 & Heb 10:24-25).

1) Share – Each time you meet take time to share what is happening in each other’s lives. Early on in the life of a group it can be a little difficult to get others to share but within a few weeks it will become more informal and personal as everyone feels more comfortable.

2) Study – Each time you meet, the designated video teaching is shown. Discussions should then centre around either or any mix of:

• The Video content just watched
• The accompanying chapter study questions from the discussion guide
• The Sunday Sermon that covered that chapter

3) Support/Care – Each week life happens and even during a fall season, your group will experience various life scenerios (extended family or immediate family loss of loved one, illness, cancer diagnosis, unexpected injury, marriage separation/divorce, a number of parenting crisis/issues). It is during those times that the group really comes together and supports each other and lifts up the person or couple hurting with prayer, encouragement, listening and often times meals of love. Community is done better in circles than rows. Being part of a group is intended to create that circle of care.

4) Serve – Spiritual growth is fostered not only by what we gain in Biblical knowledge and support of others but also through service to others. Groups have found that the cherry on the top of their season is to organize a “Group Serve” of some type. Being the hands and feet of Jesus to the community in which we live is the ultimate representation of discipleship. It is our hope that your group will participate in a serve of your choice at least once before Christmas. Ideas include making a meal at Teen Challenge, packing OCC shoe boxes, sponsoring families at Christmas, serving together at a large church function such as Alpha, Leading a service or cleaning at Harvest House, partnering with Pregnancy Resource Centre or a local food bank etc.


Grounded in Scripture, Believe is a spiritual growth experience that helps Christians of all ages think, act, and be more like Jesus. Anchor every member of your family and even your whole church in 30 big ideas found in the Bible:

  • 10 Key Beliefs of the Christian Faith
  • 10 Key Practices of a Jesus-follower
  • 10 Key Virtues of a Person Who is Becoming More Like Jesus


Get all the resources you need for the Believe series here at Hillside. You can buy your books on site at Hillside, or even reserve them online to be picked up at the church.